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Work For Us

Be part of a team that creates WordPress products used by hundreds of thousands of websites.

Work remotely. Hours & scheduling are flexible. Pay is competitive.

Open Positions

When we have open positions we generally post them on WeWorkRemotely.

Is Working For Us Right For You?

Many companies make the delusional claim that they only hire the world's absolute best.

We do have some very top people, but being better than everyone else at your craft isn't necessary to work here.

We aim to hire people who are reliable, competent, know which details matter, and write and think clearly.

We avoid interruptions. Almost all communication takes place in Basecamp, GitHub, InVision, and other asynchronous project management tools. We don't use anything like Slack. You can work on your own time, and we don't expect you to be available outside of your normal work hours.

We are not a venture-backed startup. We are profitable and have been for nearly as long as we've been in business. We are not going to run out of money, which means your job security is tied to your performance.

We believe in personal responsibility instead of excessive management. We tell you what you're responsible for; you get it done. We'll mostly stay out of your way, unless it is to help you do better work.

Ultimately, the only thing that matters to us is how well you do your job.