What we do

Right now we have a team of seven making and supporting WP All Import and WP All Export, our software for importing data to and exporting data from WordPress.

WP All Import is one of the highest rated WordPress plugins around. People love it.

Just ask "What do you think of @WPAllImport?" on Twitter,  and you'll get responses like "I just imported 10k products to WooCommerce without a hitch" or "WP All Import saved me 100 hours and thousands of dollars in development costs."

We made something that is robust and powerful enough to do every import task you can imagine, yet is still extremely easy to use.

It didn't start out this way. When we first released WP All Import 1.0 in 2011, it was very basic and not very easy to use. But almost every day since then, we've worked on improving the product, and after five years, that really adds up.

Today, add-ons are available for WooCommerce, real estate, multi-lingual imports, and much more. Now that we've solved imports, most of our focus is on WP All Export, which we aim make just as good for exports as WP All Import is imports.

We love WordPress, and we're very proud that our software is enabling so many people to migrate their old websites to WordPress, or just get online with their data and WordPress in the first place.
Other stuff

Soflyy is pronounced "so fly". There are two Ys because sofly.com was taken. Why are we Soflyy? Because we take things to a level that they've never been before.

We generally avoid blogging, speaking, bragging about our success under the guise of "transparency", attending too many conferences, doing interviews, and anything else that would take our focus away from what matters most: our customers and our products. 

You can find Louis Reingold, our "ceo", at @LouisReingold on Twitter, and Joe Guilmette, the WP All Import team lead, @travlbum.